Live music as an art form is becoming a rare phenomenon in these days of corporatized, cookie-cutter tribute bands and ‘play for exposure’ garage bands that play loud enough to loosen your fillings and badly enough to make you wish you stayed home altogether.

For over 30 years, The Hackensack Men & The Trenton Horns have offered something different; something better – fantastic performances that transcend genres and cross decades; amazing music played on real instruments by real people with passion and integrity. We believe strongly in the power of music and the art of performance and we have dedicated countless hours to rehearsals, preparation, stage craft and study. We believe we are truly blessed to have the ability and opportunity to bring some of the best music ever written to life onstage.

The opportunities to do this, however, are becoming fewer each year. More and more we are told by venues that the music doesn't really matter; that it’s all about crowd sizes and liquor sales. We believe that live performance is about much more than that; it’s about art and the human spirit.

So we have embarked on a new path, one that will afford us performance opportunities that are free of the entanglements and logistical hurdles that are inherent in today’s live music scene. With the proper funding and patronage from serious music fans like you, we can build and promote our own events. Booking decent sized music halls and venues, we can do what we have been blessed with the ability to do; bring joy and happiness to everyone through the creation of live music!

With your support, we can make live music be about the music again.