We Are The Hackensack Men & The Trenton Horns

On a warm evening in July of 1982, a group of young men were heading off to the pub after finishing a game which was neither Hockey nor Football, but something in between that celebrated the violence of both and yet possessed the grace of neither.

At the pub they learned that a party had been planned for that evening but the hired band had legged it for another gig and left the pub owner franticly searching for a replacement. Knowing that several of these boys had at least a nodding acquaintance with a musical instrument of one sort or another, he pleaded with them to take the gig.

With that, the boys gathered around and debated whether or not their amateur group would be suitable for such an event. Did they have enough material? Did they have the experience? Could they assemble the required instruments and gear in time for the party? The answer to all of these questions was no, so of course they decided to play anyway reasoning that, since this would be their first gig, they could hardly turn it down.

During the frantic moments of setting up the stage, plugging in gear and distributing instruments, they realized that they didn't have a name. Drawing inspiration from the game they invented, they decided to call themselves The Hack And Sack Men. Of course, no one in the audience knew anything about the strange game or it's origins and assumed that the band came from New Jersey.

They were soon joined onstage by a few more friends who brought a variety horns which expanded the repertoire even more. As is often the case with serendipitous events like these, it may never be known exactly why, perhaps it was at the suggestion of one of the audience members, but the the new arrivals were soon dubbed The Trenton Horns. And so began the career of Long Island's longest running R&B band.